2016 Guest Speakers


Brian MasonBrian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Transportation, Government of Alberta

Brian Mason was sworn in as the Minister of Infrastructure and as the Minister of Transportation on May 24, 2015. He was first elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in a 2000 by-election. He was re-elected in the provincial general election of March 12, 2001, and was subsequently appointed House Leader of the New Democrat caucus and critic responsible for human resources, finance and agriculture. On September 18, 2004, Mr. Mason became leader of the New Democrats, a position he retired in 2014. Mr. Mason was elected to his third term as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood on November 22, 2004, his fourth term on March 3, 2008, and his fifth term on April 23, 2012.
Mr. Mason previously served as a member of the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services, the Standing Committee on Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Standing Committee on Resources and Environment, the Standing Committee on Government Services and the Standing Committee on the Economy.
Mr. Mason has lived in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood for over 20 years with his wife, Karin, and their two sons, Peter and Alex.


Wendy ell2Wendy Ell, Director, Strategic Alliances, JWN

Having been a marketing strategist to Alberta businesses for over 25 years, Wendy’s had the opportunity to develop strategic business plans and event activities for over two hundred businesses. Her clients have come from the sectors of oil and gas, real estate, agriculture, food and beverage, consumer products, professional services and advanced technology. Wendy's current role involves collaboration with corporations and associations; all for the purposes of helping industry overcome hurdles, mitigate risk, better communicate and improve productivity.

Currently, with respect to Alberta's construction sector, she is working on rolling out a major industry program called The Alberta Project Improvement Network. The organizations involved in this network are sharing best practices, piloting new practices and communicating wins. The synergies and new activities created is fully intended to generate a dramatic movement for change. This program aims to have our sector be twice and safe and twice and productive by 2020.


Ian 2Ian MacGregor, President and Chairman of North West Refining

Ian MacGregor is an engineer who has spent his career starting and running successful technical businesses in every area of the energy industry, from services and exploration, to processing and marketing. Ian’s speciality is starting from scratch, usually with a novel idea or at the very least, a different approach, and having the tenacity to operationalize and make it a success .Ian is the President, CEO and Chairman of North West Refining., a 50 per cent owner in the North West Redwater Partnership which is building the first new refinery in Canada since 1984. The North West Redwater Partnership is investing $8.5 billion into a bitumen refining complex in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. It is one of the largest construction projects in the works in Canada.  The Sturgeon Refinery will be the world’s first to incorporate CO2 management with carbon capture and storage. This approach will allow the company to produce an ultra-low sulphur diesel with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any petroleum-based fuel.

Ian is also the founder and Chairman of Enhance Energy Inc. which is building the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL).A collector of machinery since childhood, Ian’s passion and curiosity led him to become the primary benefactor and curator of the Canadian Museum of Making. His hobbies and collections include Victorian engineering history and machinery, architectural blacksmithing, and forged African metal works.













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