10 people making a difference in turbulent times

Meet Alberta Construction Magazine's 2009 Movers & Shakers

The construction industry is no stranger to challenges.

For much of the decade, the industry has had to deal with all kinds of problems-from finding and retaining skilled labour in a tight market to completing multi-billion-dollar megaprojects under tight deadlines in some of the toughest weather conditions that exist.

Without question, however, the biggest challenge of late has been the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Some companies have had to make painfully tough choices since our last Movers & Shakers feature. With project cancellations have come reduced hours, layoffs, and the sale of assets.

It is, of course, the people who make the greatest difference to this industry. Some are great at leading. Some inspire with their vision for a better tomorrow. Some bring stability when it seems that things are about to fall apart.

In the stories ahead, we'll introduce you to 10 movers and shakers who are making a difference in Alberta's construction industry-people with the ambition, ideas, and the drive to create realities from dreams. The 10 were chosen based on a range of criteria, including professional achievements, experience, leadership, and industry and community involvement.

Today's industry may be different than it was yesterday. But the innovation, leadership skills, inspiration, and other qualities of the 10 people featured here are certain to continue for years to come.

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