President and CEO, Graham Group Ltd.

Bill Flaig, Graham Group Ltd.'s new president and CEO, has no qualms about taking the reins of a multi-million-dollar company at the beginning of a year some claim is the worst ever seen.

While acknowledging that demand is down, he sees fluctuating demand as just one of the challenges of doing business and says that, thanks to planning and a focus on building long-term relationships, Graham is well-positioned going forward, with several significant projects starting.

A strong believer in constant improvement, Flaig says this period is ideal for focusing on increasing efficiency, as well as building a strong team and system development. His vision is a bigger, better Graham, an employee-owned company that already has a strong reputation and is highly regarded.

Flaig has held numerous positions in the industry, starting as a general labourer in high school and working as an estimator, project manager, branch manager and divisional VP before taking on high-profile positions such as operational president and executive VP.

He views the hands-on experience he's gained in each role as key to his success.

"Hands-on experience has allowed me to understand, appreciate, and certainly gain the respect of those I work with, literally from the ground up," he says.

With over 38 years of experience, Flaig has a wealth of knowledge that benefits Graham and the industry. Participation in numerous industry organizations at the provincial and national levels, including director of the Canadian Construction Association, allows him to continue improving as an individual as well as learn best practices to improve Graham, all while giving back to industry.

He's also committed to giving to the community, most recently arranging Graham's donation of expertise, labour, and resources to renovate Hospice Calgary's new building.

Ultimately, it may be Flaig's passion for construction that makes him stand out. Asked about career highlights, he's reluctant to choose anything specific. Says Flaig: "I've enjoyed every minute of my time in this industry."

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