Licking the Envelope Problem

Education can improve building envelope construction

The building envelope is more than just a pretty fa├žade. Functioning as the skin of the building, the envelope is responsible for thermal comfort, air quality, and structural support. It's also the largest factor in energy expenditures, determining how much fuel the building consumes and how much of the owner's budget will go up the chimney. When the envelope fails, owners and users face the possibility of serious health issues, large energy bills, and costly remediation.

Calgary's towering office market

Oil and gas industry sets Calgary's skyline ablaze

Astute developers know that as the oil and gas industry grows, so does Calgary's office market. With a 0.6 per cent vacancy rate, Calgary currently holds the world record for the tightest office market. Randy Magnussen, senior VP of Bentall Real Estate Services, says when oil and gas prices started to rise in 2004, it was time to do some marketplace analysis. "We tried to correlate downtown office vacancies with the historic rise and fall of oil and gas prices," he explains. "Historically what's happened is that the demand for office space has gone up [when oil and gas prices rise]. So we determined that it was an appropriate time to look at starting a building."

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