The Mod Squad

Better modular design prepares sector for turbo-charged activity

Call it the calm before the storm - or perhaps the lull between two storms, a summer wind and a hurricane, might be a better appellation for this fall's somewhat lower level of activity in the province's pipe rack and process equipment module construction and assembly sector.

Underground safety

While big firms have systems, smaller generals could be struggling to work safe

The combination of booming economy and skilled labour deficit has hit just about every sector, including excavation and underground construction. The shortage of experienced people and spiraling demand for services has resulted in expertise being spread more thinly. Besides work quality and productivity, this can also affect safety. "You need people who are able to identify a hazard. Because of skills shortages, it becomes a struggle for companies to keep people trained and knowledgeable in hazard identification," says Mark Kondro, the safety and personnel manager at Standard General's Calgary office.

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