The Top 30 Projects of the Last 30 Years

Ask 30 people to choose the top 30 construction projects in Alberta in the last 30 years, and you'll get 30 different answers. We asked you to help us come up with nominations, and you submitted well over 100.

On the next 47 pages, you'll find a sampling of the diverse projects built, renovated, or added onto in the past three decades. Some are big. Some are small. One thing is certain, though. Each is remarkably unique in its own way. (We didn't rank them, though we did number them to make each project easier to find.)

Olympic task

Alberta-based companies play huge role in getting B.C. ready for 2010 Games

Thanks to cross-country skier Chandra Crawford, freestyle skier Jennifer Heil, and others, Alberta captured more than its per-capita share of gold and podium placings at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics. Don't be surprised by a repeat next year. However, as Vancouver-Whistler gets set for next year's Games, the Alberta connection isn't confined to athletic performance. It extends to Alberta-based engineering and construction firms contributing to designing and building several Olympic venues.

Alberta's top 10

Snapshot views of the province's key road, bridge, and LRT projects

Forget that there's a recession. It's going to be another year of barricades on Alberta's roads and bridges. Part of the reason is the provincial government's commitment to catch up on works that suffered during the Ralph Klein years. And other projects are getting a boost because of federal efforts to stimulate the national economy through infrastructure spending.

A smart idea

Innovative design that's good for people and the environment: this is what SMART Technologies' new corporate headquarters and research centre is all about.

A pioneer in designing interactive whiteboards and other collaborative technology, the Calgary-based high-tech firm opened its new global headquarters and research centre in May. Situated within the University of Calgary's Research Park, the more than $60-million building is the culmination of five years of exhaustive planning by company co-founders David Martin and Nancy Knowlton. With GEC Architecture as prime consultant and project management by Dean Slater Consulting, the building was completed this past spring and brings the company's more than 750 Calgary employees together under one roof.

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