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Even in a recession, Alberta' top construction projects shine

Many of you may already know this, but it bears repeating. Construction is one of this country's biggest industries.

The Construction Sector Council estimates that 1 in 16 workers employed in Canada earns a living from construction. Construction workers are involved in the installation, repair, or renovation of more than $150 billion of work annually, according to the council. And construction accounts for about 12 per cent of Canada's gross domestic product.

Alberta's often been called the economic engine of Canada. That wouldn't be possible without our industry. While it's true that the industry has taken a hit over the past year because of the recession, there's ample evidence that great things continue to happen. And yes, while those multimillion-dollar projects still manage to turn heads, there are plenty of smaller ones that are impressive in their own right.
For proof, check out the next 16 pages. Here you'll find our annual Top Projects winners and runners up in the commercial, civil, industrial, and institutional sectors.

These projects made our eighth annual list because of their design functionality and appearance, construction process (on time, on budget, innovative tools or building methods, etc.), use of unique or innovative construction materials, project delivery method, and/or any other unique features that made the project stand out.

Much has changed over the past year. We wish we could tell you that 2010 will be a lot better, but uncertainty continues to dominate headlines-and conversations.
Still, as these projects show, there are rays of brightness even in gloomy times.

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