Top Projects 2009: Industrial/Runner-Up

Inland-Spy Hill Pipe Plant

The Inland-Spy Hill Pipe Plant's fully automated 84,000 sq. ft concrete pipe plant is notable for being the first of its kind in western Canada as well as for being built on some potentially shaky ground. The single-storey building is on a mined portion of Inland's gravel pit, a situation that challenged industrial site developer, Idea Group.

About 30 m of material had been replaced after mining without compaction. The solution was dynamic compaction, a process involving the creation of a floating slab that's then compacted by dropping a 30-tonne weight from a crane eight times.

The nearby Spy Hill Landfill also posed a problem. To prevent methane from seeping into the building, a vapour management system consisting of an impermeable membrane and pipe network was installed.

To save water, the storm pond is connected to a lower pond where water is stored for use in Inland's processing plant.

The plant was built by Cana.

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