Top Projects 2009: Industrial/Runner-Up

OEM Remanufacturing addition

OEM Remanufacturing of Edmonton remanufactures engine and powertrain components for the railway, natural gas, and diesel sectors. The company is a stickler for cleanliness. Dust and dirt in the engines and filters can get into the lubrication system and cause products to fail.

Not an ideal situation for a major construction project. Although the 50,420 sq. ft addition to the building was constructed outside the facility, general contractor Scott Builders Inc. in Edmonton had to make an 18 m wide by 10 m high opening between the two areas to allow for the movement of a 40-tonne crane.

To keep dust, dirt, and debris from entering the operational part of the building, a double tarp system was erected in the opening. Indirect heaters then pumped air between the two tarps, creating an air barrier.

J Ochman Design Ltd. acted as client's consultant and did preliminary architecture for the project while Barr Ryder Architects did the design.

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