Top Projects 2009: Institutional/Runner-Up

Edmonton Expo Centre

If you haven't been to the Northlands Agricom site in Edmonton lately, get ready for a big change. In its place you'll find the new Edmonton Expo Centre.

Although it won't officially open until December, already the new centre is being billed as the premier convention and trade show venue in western Canada.

To make the $47.7-million 31,587 sq. m expansion and renovation of the former Agricom a reality, Clark Builders' project team had to make extensive changes to the former site, including the demolition of Northlands' Sportex. That itself provided approximately 6,000 tonnes of concrete slabs and blocks, which were later crushed and recycled into the new building development.

The modern new building is brightly lit with plenty of open spaces.

Key elements include more than 200 under-slab service ports in each of the building's large halls. Interconnected through underground piping, they can be used to service various kiosks during trade show setups. As well, operable walls in the large halls-two of them are more than 70 m in length-create flexibility throughout the facility space.

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