Top Projects 2009: Commerical/Runner-Up

Bass Pro Shops World Sport Store

At 150,000 sq. ft, the Bass Pro Shops World Sport Store would be impressive no matter where it was built.

While technically a part of CrossIron Mills, this project is so different it cannot be ignored. First, it is the largest outdoor sports megastore of its kind in Canada-and that's no fish tale. It' also Bass Pro Shop's second Canada location and greatly overshadows its predecessor at Vaughan Mills shopping centre in Toronto.

Man-Shield Construction Inc. began construction on the $32.7-million store in July 2007 and completed the project for the official opening in April-four months before CrossIron Mills itself. That was particularly challenging given that the project underwent "ever changing scope" to meet the client's evolving vision, according to the Man-Shield.

With a heavy emphasis placed on stone and mortar to give it a rustic look, the store features biologically correct stampings and printing of animal tracks in the concrete. There are areas of the store where shoppers may actually forget they're not outside in the brush-including a 76,000-litre aquarium that features fish native to Canada.

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