Shining star

From its aurora borealis inspired design to complex geometry, $86-million Art Gallery of Alberta offers a new frame of reference for construction and design

The Art Gallery of Alberta is not only different. It will make a difference to Edmonton and Alberta construction for years to come.

Recession to recovery

Three surprising ways to cut costs and boost the bottom line

So you've managed to weather the Great Recession, although you also realize the business environment remains shaky. Hopefully you've seen the importance of managing costs without compromising the company's core values or the ability to properly service customers.

No longer in a rut

Communities have long favoured asphalt for repairs. Now, cities like Lloydminster find that concrete puts an end to rutting woes at intersections.

When it comes to the maintenance and repair of high-volume traffic corridors, the transportation departments of a growing number of Alberta towns and cities are opting to replace asphalt with the kind of concrete paving used for airports.

Why be green? "It's just the right thing to do"

PCL's Paul Douglas on sustainability, the year ahead, and his new role

When Paul Douglas was formally introduced last November as the new president and CEO of the PCL family of companies, Ross Grieve, the man he was succeeding, described Douglas as having "all the tools and experience to lead this company."

In with the old

Renovating what you've got can be a good alternative to starting from scratch

Sometimes building new is the best option. Let's face it, The Bow in Calgary wouldn't have the same panache if EnCana Corp. had decided to makeover an old building. But due to a ran

Getting on the BIM bandwagon

Afraid you'll miss out on the world of virtual construction? Fortunately, there are resources to help

Alberta Infrastructure will take significant strides towards making building information modelling-simply BIM in industry parlance-mandatory for major government projects later this year, but it will ensure the construction industry can keep pace.

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