Steel of a deal

Prefabricated steel buildings and components offer durability

A shorter construction schedule, longer-lasting structures, and higher quality are driving increased interest in prefabricated steel components and buildings in Alberta.

Something BIG is coming

Province's highways are ready to handle slew of modules from South Korea

When the first of about 200 enormous modules from South Korea destined for the Kearl oilsands project near Fort McMurray lumbers over the border from Montana this fall, it will hit highways that don't usually see giant loads.

Pitched vs. flat

Despite the cold, climate still allows a wide choice for roofing

Roofs are sometimes referred to as the fifth side of a building, suggesting their role as part of an integrated, complete envelope system that includes waterproofing, exterior walls, and cladding.

Down to a trickle

There' a slowdown in pipeline construction right now, but $43 billion in projects looms

If you look at everything on the books for the next 15 years, Canada's pipeline industry has just over $43 billion of proposed new large-diameter pipelines. Not surprisingly, much of it is driven by planned oilsands development and expansions.

Clean energy

Innovative Swan Hills project aims to produce synthetic gas from deep coal seams

Has Alberta finally found the key to unlocking its vast coal resource? In a province best known for its oil and gas, insitu gasification technology could hold the key to clean, low-carbon synthetic gas from unminable coal. This gas is expected to produce the same amount of energy that natural gas does, but with roughly half the greenhouse gas emissions. And it might help redefine how Alberta produces its energy.

Back in the game

Growth ahead for Alberta oilsands projects

An enormous resource and continuing global demand are driving the resuscitation of construction work in Alberta's oilsands, and it's good news for industry.

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