Setting Standards

Alberta scaffolding companies look to government designation of scaffolding as a trade, while efforts to develop nationwide standards gather steam

Scaffolding is big business in Alberta. In large construction projects like oilsands upgraders, scaffolding can account for as much as six per cent of project costs.

Scaffold safety

Scaffolders shouldn't count only on fall protection systems to keep them on high

According to the Scaffold Industry Association of Canada, over 70 per cent of all deaths related to scaffolding are caused by falls. The fact that people are falling from scaffolding when fall protection is available is surprising - until you talk to the experts.

Safety beat

WCB Program Helps Injured Workers Return to Work

Carlos Pereira can't say enough about WCB-Alberta's Occupational Injury Service (OIS), a program specifically designed for work-related injuries. As the health and safety coordinator for the Edmonton location of Gordon Food Services (GFS), he says the program has made a huge difference to his company's health and safety efforts as well as its bottom line.


Whatever the job, there's probably a crane to handle it

When it comes to heavy lifting, the adage about having the right tool for the right job is bang on. For those of you who aren't familiar with the world of cranes, here's a short primer and examples of what you'll find on the market today.

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