Top Projects 2010: Introduction

16 outstanding construction projects from around Alberta

Like a lot of other sectors, Alberta's construction industry continues to feel the effects of the post-boom global recession hangover. While things have picked up, the U word - uncertainty - continues to hang over the industry like a dark rain cloud.

But this is an industry known for getting things done, dark cloud or not. For proof, check out the next 24 pages of our annual Top Projects feature. Here you'll find 16 top-notch examples of work in the commercial, institutional, civil and industrial construction categories.

We received some outstanding nominations this year. Each year it seems they get better and more innovative in terms of the way the projects were delivered and built.

Projects had to be at least $5 million in value, substantially completed in this calendar year and situated within the province of Alberta. The selections were based on these criteria:

  • Design functionality and appearance.
  • Construction process (on time, on budget, innovative tools or building methods, etc.).
  • Usage of unique or innovative construction materials.
  • Project delivery method (stipulated bid, design-build, construction management, P3, etc.).
  • Any other unique features that made the project stand out such as the use of recycled materials, when the work was done, etc.

What the year ahead will bring is anyone's guess. But for now, take some time and learn about some of the outstanding work you and your colleagues did this year.

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