Tech tools

Software ingenuity is reshaping construction, but can the industry embrace change?

Anyone who has ever overseen a construction project has surely experienced it. It's that nagging question that drives you to distraction, keeps you up at night, makes you forget your wedding anniversary (or at least that's your excuse): "How do I know the work is going well on the site?"


Much-needed new crossing for Highway 63 at Fort McMurray pushes the envelope in bridge construction

With completion of a new five-lane bridge across the Athabasca River, Fort McMurray is now home to the biggest bridge in Alberta.

Relief is on the way

Construction begins on $198-million expansion at Fort McMurray Airport

For proof about how oil and Fort McMurray, Alta., are strongly intertwined, all you need do is look at oil prices versus annual passenger traffic statistics from Fort McMurray Airport.

Ready, set, boom

The challenges may look similar to the last growth period, but companies are giving early thought to meeting them

For most of the year we've been hearing that the next boom for Alberta is just around the corner. While some may be asking "which corner?" others are taking the prediction seriously.

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