Movers & Shakers TWENTY11: Dolores Eaton, INVIS Inc.

A passion for excellence

Dolores Eaton, the president, chief executive officer and founder of IVIS Inc., isn't content with simply getting a job done.

"I want to be an efficient company, providing the best service to our customers-not just doing a job but doing an excellent job," she says. "This requires each and every staff member to make good decisions when working on a job site to ensure they give the customer the best service possible and provide a solution."

After 24 years in the food service industry, Eaton made a major change and founded IVIS-a trenchless sewer and pipe rehabilitation company based in Edmonton-in 1996. Since that day she has grown the company from the ground up. IVIS boasts 38 employees and provides underground infrastructure solutions for companies, municipalities, contractors, communities and private property owners in Alberta and British Columbia.

Eaton admits that she fell into the construction industry through a part-time job, but she liked it immediately. "The work we do is kind of like conducting an investigation. It's always interesting and the projects and solutions are always different."

Eaton's strong work ethic, no doubt formed in part during five years in the armed forces, underlies the company's success. She also believes in delivering good service, providing clients with a range of recommended solutions and helping them determine the best option.

Clients aren't her only concern. IVIS has a strong health, safety and environmental protection program and employees are included in decision making.

Says Eaton, "I give each and every one of my staff the ability to give their input into how IVIS would be able to be run efficiently."

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