Movers & Shakers TWENTY11: Dale Marchand, Canadian Dewatering L.P.

Growing and growing and growing.

Since accepting the role of president of Canadian Dewatering L.P. in 2004, Dale Marchand has led the company's growth from 60 to over 400 employees with corresponding incremental revenue results. Just as impressive? During recent economic lows, Marchand and his team enabled the company to keep on growing.

"We're very focused on what we do best: fluid management, transportation and water control," he says, explaining the company's success.

Raised in Fort McMurray, Alta., Marchand, who has a graduate diploma in management and has taken numerous leadership and personal development courses, has worked with business units of Mullen Group, Canadian Dewatering's parent company, since 1990.

Career progression led him to be promoted to manage an oilsands-focused company, Northern Underwater Systems, when Mullen purchased it in 2004. That company merged with Canadian Dewatering in 2007. Today, Canadian Dewatering has eight branches throughout western Canada. The company focuses on providing pumping, diving, barging, dewatering, high-pressure cleaning and sediment control services to a variety of industries.

Strategic planning allows Canadian Dewatering to position itself to quickly take advantage of new opportunities. Tailings management in the oilsands is one example. "As we exited 2008, there was industry talk of ‘dirty oil,'" Marchand says. "Oilsands operators are under the Directive 74 microscope, and we saw how we could help. We are in the fluid management business. We've been working in oilsands for years, and we had the frontline leadership to deploy resources in that region."

Marchand is proud of the accomplishments and success of the Canadian Dewatering team to-date, and is eagerly anticipating future milestones.

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