Top Projects 2011: Industrial/Runner-Up

University of Calgary Cogeneration Project

The University of Calgary's new cogeneration system does more than give the university's central heating and cooling plant a much-needed update. It incorporates modern and greener technologies that will be used to generate three-quarters of campus power requirements while meeting all of the U of C's heat demand throughout the year.

The project was both an expansion and a renovation. A new turbine hall was added to the north end of the plant with features that include acoustic panels, louvres and doors used to control turbine noise. The new cogeneration system consists of two key components: the turbine, which generates power, and the heat recovery boiler, which generates heat. New office space also was added.

When the turbine is combined with the heat recovery boiler, it will reduce the university's carbon dioxide emissions by 80,000 tonnes per year and result in a cost savings as well.

Contractor Clark Builders, architect Stantec Architecture Ltd., consulting engineer Stantec Consulting Ltd. and ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd. were the key players on the project.

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