Not too hot to handle

BIM is starting to streamline the energy-modelling process and reduce its costs

In many modern industrialized countries, when all types of buildings are included, they account for 35-40 per cent of the total energy consumption pie-even more than transportation. As concerns around energy efficiency, costs and one's carbon footprint continue to grow, so too is the importance of building design principles and methods that address these issues.

Waste not

New state-of-the-art ECCO Recycling and Energy Center offers industry another choice for discarded material

Calgary's only private dry-waste landfill facility will soon open a $25-million recycling and energy centre, giving the construction industry another option to recycle construction, demolition and other dry-waste materials.

First-class effort

Edmonton's airport expansion project gives project team and passengers plenty of reasons to smile

After just four years, the Edmonton International Airport terminal-expansion project is virtually complete, coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. Fast-tracked in order to reduce the impact on passengers, it led to some challenges that PCL Construction Management Inc. doesn't face every day.

Cut waste, cut costs

One Alberta builder is using BIM and automation to cut material and delays

Proponents of Building Information Modelling (BIM) see reduction of waste as being among the key benefits from using BIM systems. Waste reduction, they say, can occur throughout the life cycle of a building-from initial design conception to de-commissioning and demolition.

Click to green

Whether for energy modelling or cutting waste, BIM is making inroads

You've been hearing about Building Information Modelling, or BIM, for years now, but do you really have a good idea of the potential for the problems it could solve?

Bumper crop

Alberta may have a new homegrown energy industry soon with a spate of biodiesel projects in the works

Anyone who has ever spent more than a few hours driving Highway 2 has likely seen an image like this before: a pumpjack sprouting up amid the nodding yellow canola blossoms, all set against a bright blue prairie sky.

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