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Whether for energy modelling or cutting waste, BIM is making inroads

You've been hearing about Building Information Modelling, or BIM, for years now, but do you really have a good idea of the potential for the problems it could solve?

If you run or work for a smaller firm, the answer may be no. Or maybe you have a vague notion that BIM is simply a 3-D modelling and visualization technology.

Truth is, BIM is much, much more. It is primarily an information tool, one that can offer a comprehensive picture of a construction project at any given time, as well as information about materials, costs and sequencing.

For example, BIM is triggering rapid change on the energy-modelling side of the design-build equation, an important consideration in an age where the term "lessening the carbon footprint" is all too common.

It is also useful in pinpointing clash detection problems. Think about the time and money you can shave off a project with, say, the precise placement of electrical conduit or piping before your crew even begins work-something BIM makes possible.

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