Tools for success

Best practices that set companies apart

How is it that some companies seem so capable of doing things with such efficiency or ease?

Staying on top

Five trends to watch in Alberta's commercial roofing sector

Two words capture what's been on the mind of Alberta's roofing industry lately: sustainability and durability.

Sowing the seeds of success

Energy sector provides opportunities for Edmonton firm

From oilsands mining sites where reclamation and erosion control is a priority, to pipeline rights-of-way where erosion must be managed, to creating green roofs, a fast-growing Edmonton company's techniques and equipment are being used to solve a range of problems.

Proven practices

COAA's involvement in developing industry best practices goes back 40 years

You need look no further than the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) for some of the world's most advanced approaches to best practices in industrial construction.

Intrastructure: Becoming streetwise

Here are eight products and road-building techniques that are making driving surfaces perform better

To the untrained eye, a road surface is just a layer of asphalt or concrete. But there are an abundance of products, techniques and treatments that can do everything from preventing pavement from cracking to lessening traffic noise to helping us conserve water.

Institutional: Learning legacy

SAIT's School of Construction plays critical role in industry's future success

As boomers retire, Alberta is expected to experience a 77,000-person shortfall in workers over the next decade. At the same time, companies will continue to find themselves needing to do more with less-less labour, less money, less time-to stay competitive. Although it might be a surprise for an educational institution, SAIT Polytechnic is stepping up to help the construction industry proactively manage these challenges.

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