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WorleyParsonsCord Ltd. installed over 4,064 tonnes of modules, 10,000 metres of pipe, 259,000 metres of electrical cable and erected 270 tonnes of structural steel while completing 28,000 electrical connections to make the Top Project in the Industrial-Over $50 Million category a reality.

The Suncor Firebag Stage 4 Pad 106/116 SAGD Field Facilities Construction Project is also notable in that more than 810,000 workforce hours were spent on the project with no lost-time safety incidents involving a peak workforce of 400.

Also of note: Close to 400 shoes-the iron brackets used to secure pipelines to the ground-were built and installed on this project. Clamped-on shoes were installed on the high-pressure steam line instead of welded shoes. Normally, each shoe would have taken about eight hours of welding while each clamped-on shoe takes about an hour per shoe to install. In all, this approach saved approximately 2,800 hours or work.

The key engineering firm on the project was Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

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