Water, Water, Everywhere

Though in many cases it was short-term, construction firms feel impact of summer floods

The devastating floods that hit southern Alberta and the Fort McMurray region this past summer will increase business for some construction companies, according to an analyst with the Dundee Capital Markets Inc. research team.

Algae to energy

An innovative northern Alberta pilot project will convert oilsands CO2 into fuel and other products

Algae’s ability to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere has long been known, but the challenge for science and industry has been finding a way to harness that power to tackle climate change. Now a Toronto company believes it may have unlocked the secret.

Power to the people

Alberta’s first transmission project to go up for competitive bid will bring increased capacity to the busy oilsands region

The Fort McMurray West Transmission Project is powering up, and dozens of companies are competing for the right to be the one flipping the switch.

Accelerating schedules

New software tool could provide significant savings in time and money on oilsands projects

Researchers at the University of Calgary (U of C) have been working on a software tool that could cut significant costs from oilsands projects by compressing construction schedules.

Growing pains

$1-billion petrochemical plant expansion will be good for the province—but only after jumping a few hurdles

Construction is underway on an approximately $1-billion expansion of NOVA Chemicals Corporation's Polyethylene 1 (PE1) plant at the company's Joffre, Alta. petrochemical complex. The project has earmarked $900 million for its capital cost. Start-up and commissioning spending in the fall of 2015 is expected to bring the total tab to nearly $1 billion. Ledcor Projects Inc. is the general contractor.

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