The art of sustainability

New performing arts centre gives the community of Camrose a green space for productions

Camrose Performing Arts CentreCamrose’s new 44,200-square-foot performing arts centre, slated for completion in the first half of this year, is a showcase for sustainability. The approximately 550-seat theatre complex includes some common environmentally friendly features such as high-efficiency boilers and chillers and increased insulation in the roof, but it is also pushing the envelope of what can be done to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment.

Closing the loop

After decades of planning and 13 years of construction, the ring roads in Alberta’s major cities are close to completion

Stoney TrailIt’s been a long haul, stretching back into the 1960s and 1970s, but the end is in sight. Work has begun on the last leg of Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton’s ring road, with the northeast section scheduled to open in 2016. Calgary is a bit further behind, but now that the province has reached an agreement with Tsuu T’ina First Nation, planning for the final leg of Stoney Trail can shift into high gear.

The fabulous new face of prefab

Moduler construction goes uptown

Photo: Modus StructuresThe phrase “modular construction” brings to mind prefabricated houses or oilsands equipment modules. But there is another side, and when incorporating sustainability and reducing both the number of workers needed and the time it takes to construct are all increasing­ly important, it just might be the wave of the future.

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