Alberta's new infrastructure minister ready to play catch-up on capital projects

Brian Mason is brimming with fun facts about Alberta’s government. Did you know that the ceremonial mace carried into the assembly at the start of each legislative session cannot be touched by human hands? Anyone who carries it must wear white gloves. And the reason it serves as symbol of power? He can’t be certain, but perhaps it’s because knights used maces to bash in the heads of recalcitrant peasants back in ye olden times. 

The Quest CCS project looked at constructability to keep costs under control

Every quest has a goal. Sometimes it’s about finding the Holy Grail. And sometimes it’s about doing something really difficult—like building an Alberta megaproject on time and on budget.

With commissioning underway for start-up in the third quarter of this year, Shell Canada’s Quest carbon capture and storage (CCS) project has achieved its goal of being ready before year-end while sticking to its $1.35-billion budget. Once operational, the project will be the first commercial-scale application of CCS in the oilsands. Up to 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 from the Scotford Upgrader near Edmonton will be captured annually and piped to a storage cavern 2.3 kilometres underground.

Technological solutions to managing fleets of any size

Fleet management allows companies to remove or reduce the risks associated with investing in vehicles. Done correctly, it can improve efficiency and productivity; reduce transportation and staff costs; help companies stay in compliance with regulations; improve safety and even reduce environmental footprint. Today, there are technological solutions that are making it even easier for businesses to capture the benefits of managing their fleets.

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