Businesses are using fleet management software to monitor how long vehicles are idling. Photo: Latium Fleet Management

Technological solutions to managing fleets of any size

Fleet management allows companies to remove or reduce the risks associated with investing in vehicles. Done correctly, it can improve efficiency and productivity; reduce transportation and staff costs; help companies stay in compliance with regulations; improve safety and even reduce environmental footprint. Today, there are technological solutions that are making it even easier for businesses to capture the benefits of managing their fleets.

Equipdata is a cloud-based fleet-management solution developed available through Alberta-based Nektar Data Systems. Nektar is under common ownership with Wilco Contractors Northwest, and the Equipdata solution was developed for and is used by Wilco in the field to collect data; manage the entire fleet-maintenance program; maintain a full COR-approved safety program; conduct pre-shift and pre-trip inspections; do job-site project management and daily log reports; manage materials movement and more.

“The biggest benefit is that we now have complete transparency into daily operations in real time. It’s a decision support tool that allows you to track and manage data service and maintenance processes so you’re aware of and can address issues as they occur,” says Art Maat, president and CEO of both Wilco Northwest and Nektar Data.

Because the product was designed and developed by a contractor, Nektar Data can have a new client up and running in 48 hours. Equipment and vehicles are physically tagged with a two-dimensional code that can be scanned to record or retrieve inspection events and equipment documents or to see cycle times on material hauling. Everything is electronic, eliminating the need for paper, and because it’s cloud based, there are no infrastructure requirements.

The Latlogix Fleet Management Software Suite accompanied by L2 GPS tracking devices is another option. Developed by Latium Fleet Management in Nisku, it allows businesses to monitor and track their vehicles and heavy equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We monitor 24/7, which helps clients ensure that vehicles are being safely driven even after hours. In addition, we can reduce your greenhouse gas footprint by monitoring idling time and reporting excessive idling,” says Lori Pecorilli, president, Latium Fleet Management.

Latium customizes the technology to the client’s needs, provides weekly reports summarizing the data and makes recommendations to help achieve strategic goals.

“The technology is a tool. If it isn’t being monitored, we tell people they shouldn’t waste their money doing it,” says Lori, adding that, like Equipdata, the technology can be scaled to virtually any size of business.

The Latium system works well for construction companies, eliminating the need for paper during inspections and tracking things like odometers and hours of operation. Monitoring and reporting become faster, more accurate and easier for everyone involved.

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