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Top Projects 2015: United Construction Head Office

Commercial—Under $50 Million (TIE)

United Construction’s head office at Acheson serves two purposes: to give potential clients an introduction to the quality, skill and complexity of construction services that the company can provide, and to give employees a comfortable and productive work environment. The $2.5-million office, completed on time and on budget using a design-build project management approach, scores in both categories by delivering an architecturally unique design with a variety of occupant-friendly features.

United Construction supports a full design-build process, incorporating teams to manage all phases of construction from conception to completion. Its Acheson office was designed and built to showcase its skills in general contracting and construction management in the light industrial, commercial and multi-family residential sectors.

A key feature in its new head office is the large exterior radial curtain wall with a radius of 9.8 metres. The building also has the first inside curved Hardi panel system on an exterior accent wall in Alberta. The radius of the curved wall measures 16 metres. Revit software, an extension of the building information modelling software suite, was used to limit the amount of materials ordered and to determine how the curves of the building would work.

Providing United Construction employees with a quality work environment was also a major driver for the office building, completed in October of 2014. A number of worker-friendly features were designed into the building. Above the lobby/atrium, exterior windows are remote operated to allow heat to escape the building, creating a more comfortable interior environment. Rain sensors are used to automatically close the windows when it begins to shower outside.

United also brought a little piece of the outdoors inside to give workers a taste of summer during Alberta’s long winters. The main lobby area features a waterfall and a green wall intended to accent the large open concept design. The company also has plans to install a large golf simulator at a later date.

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