Retired combat engineer brings decades of experience to Fort McMurray’s post-fire recovery

Do no harm.

Dana Woodworth’s philosophy of life is all about taking care of people. And he’s been doing exactly that across the globe for decades.

His latest job is helping Fort McMurray rebuild following this year’s devastating wildfires. Team leader for the Wood Buffalo Recovery Task Force, the 53-year-old Woodworth arrived in town mid-May to assist with the re-entry until July. A month after he left, he was invited back to assist with recovery efforts. This August, he was named the task force’s interim leader; council appointed him permanent leader on October 4.

Virtual reality changing how construction industry looks at buildings

I’m sitting in a fully furnished condo unit, facing a large window. The city stretches out far below me; the majestic Rockies can be seen in the distance. Suddenly I’m moving quickly toward the window, and my stomach lurches at the thought that I am going to go flying through it. The movement stops as suddenly as it started and there’s laughter.

“Sorry,” a disembodied voice says. “It’s not perfect yet.”

Comfortable acoustics play a vital role in creating healthier built environments

Looks aren’t everything. It isn’t just the appearance of a building that matters, but what it sounds like as well. And every detail needs to be considered when designing the acoustics of a building. The structure, the floor, ceiling and wall treatments, and the building’s planned end use all play a major part in creating comfortable sound levels, which are crucial to making the building functional and its inhabitants productive and healthy.

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