Prescription for growth

Alberta communities getting a slew of new or expanded hospitals and health-care centres

Like other Alberta communities, Grande Prairie has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

The long road

The twinning of Highway 63 kicks into high gear this summer

It's a road where 130 kilometres per hour 
sometimes seems like the speed limit and vehicles have been known to clock in at 230 kilometres per hour. People are used to everything moving a little more quickly on Highway 63.

Heavy hitter

Alberta is punching well above its weight in the fabrication sector

When the Alberta Steel Manufacturers (ASM) was formed last year-partly as a response to concerns about lack of awareness of Alberta's fabrication capacity among some owners and global engineering procurement construction companies-the groups backing ASM had more on their minds than just cheerleading for the home team. They had a case to make. And they wanted it heard.

Steel vs. Wood

New products on the market make choosing between steel and wood just a little bit more difficult
At times, construction can be a confusing industry, with steel seemingly transformed into would-be wood and wood assuming a steely demeanor.

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