Lean, green machine

Factory processes combine with lean-building principles to reduce waste at Edmonton builder’s plant

When's the last time you saw a corporate executive go dumpster diving?

Greener generation

A shift away from coal-fired power could create an opening for wind power in Alberta

Wind-generated electricity could become a large part of Alberta's power mix in the future. But don't look for a boom in wind farm construction in the next two or three years-especially when natural gas prices are still low and are expected to stay that way for a while.

Coming Up Short

Alberta technical schools are churning out skilled workers, but not fast enough to avoid a second wave of the labour shortage

If you want job security for the next decade or so, become a pipefitter, crane operator, insulator, welder or boilermaker.

Calgary’s airport expansion incorporates geothermal in its sustainable design

When The Calgary Airport Authority began planning for the $1.4-billion terminal expansion at Calgary International Airport (YYC), it developed a mechanical and electrical master plan focused on sustainability and low operating costs. Geothermal heating and cooling became a key component of that plan, but it relies upon many other progressive design elements.

“The geothermal system in and of itself is a run-of-the-mill system with nothing fancy about it,” says John Munroe, vice-president, western Canada for AECOM, who engineered the expansion’s HVAC system. “How it ties into the holistic approach of this entire project is what makes it unique.”

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